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Understanding Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye is a disease that affects the tear film and all the tissues the tears are in contact with. Patient’s symptoms can vary. It’s usually irritation. It may not be painful. It’s likely discomfort. As they get more specific, we start to hear symptoms like my eyes burn, my eyes are itchy. I can’t keep my eyes open in the bright lights. Or my vision is blurry, and I have to blink to clear it up.

Dry eye can affect patients in a multitude of ways. The most impacting in my opinion is on their quality of life. Itching and burning may seem like a mild irritant, but it starts to impact their ability to do sustainable work.

Early diagnosis in any chronic condition means more effective therapy, and management.

To learn more about dry eye disease and the importance of effective treatment, please consult your eye care professional.

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Dr Richard Maharaj

Dr. Richard Maharaj
Clinical Director, eyeLABS Optometry Member, Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO)

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