Options for Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer


Fred Saad, MD, FRCSC

Researcher and Head of Urologic Oncology
University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM)

When prostate cancer progresses despite low levels of testosterone, it is called castrate- resistant prostate cancer. Today, thanks to clinical research, there are options for patients whose prostate cancer has advanced while on hormonal therapy. Ongoing clinical trial research offers more than additional treatment options; it offers hope to both patients living with advanced/metastatic disease and the physicians who are treating them.

The availability of all these different options that we now can offer patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer has more than doubled the amount of time men live with the disease, has significantly improved their quality of life, and has allowed them to take advantage of life at home rather than in the hospice suffering from prostate cancer. “

“I’m living proof that research and excellence in cancer treatment matters. And, my goal for my kids and your kids is that they won’t ever have to deal with this in their lifetime.”

Don Konantz, Advanced Prostate Cancer Survivor