Allergy Immunotherapy

The signs & symptoms of allergy are seasonal for many, but can occur year-round for some. Sneezing, sniffing, and stuffy nose… Itchy, watery eyes & congestion… The symptoms are many, and all too familiar for those trying to live their lives under the burden of allergy.

But the paths to effective treatments are equally abundant, and are getting easier all the time… and for those who find medical therapy ineffective, there are growing developments in finding relief.

In our discussion with Dr. Paul Keith, Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, he shares this about breakthroughs in allergy immunotherapy: “We have a new simpler way to desensitize you by a tablet you put under the tongue… And we now have licensed tablets for tree pollen, grass, ragweed, and dust mites.”

Dr. Paul Keith
Professor of Medicine McMaster University

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