A Nutritionist’s Guide to Good Digestive Health Through Lifestyle Choices

Research tells us that a large component of mitigating the risk of developing colorectal cancer lies in diet & exercise.

In this program, certified nutritionist Baljit Sidhu shares her advice on the best approach to proactive health.

She encourages that we dispel the myth that lifestyle improvements have to be restrictive ordeals and shares her tips for small but substantial adjustments that can be made without a great deal of stress

Baljit Sidhu

Baljit Sidhu
Certified Nutritionist
Founder & Director of Operations, Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic, Mississauga,
Founder of Nutrithrive Health

To learn more about being proactive within digestive health, please speak with your healthcare professional or visit nutrithrivehealth.com and endoscopy-clinic.com