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Nutritional programs to help prevent and manage disease such as heart, obesity, & diabetes, and provide education and awareness on food and lifestyle choices.

“What these new treatments have been able to achieve is to really impact the life expectancy of men with advanced and metastatic prostate cancer, even if they were diagnosed with quite significant burden of disease. With these new treatments we are able to improve, on average, the life expectancy by a few years, at least, and certainly these treatments are not something that we would have had to offer five years ago.” ~ Dr. Sebastien Hotte


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AHP or Acute Hepatic Porhyria (pore-fear-ee-ah) is a hereditary disease, passed from parents to children. In this program, we learn more from Dr. Colin Van Zoost, about this little-known disease, which often remains undiagnosed for years in patients living with the symptoms.


What is uveal or ocular melanoma? In this program, we learn about this rare eye cancer from Dr. Marcus Butler at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. We also hear from Nigel Deacon of Ocumel Canada, a supportive community and important patient resource.

Though often neglected, taking care of our bodies should always be top of mind – it’s the gateway to enjoying our lives & our families as we mature & move into the future. Whether it’s a hop on the treadmill, dietary adjustments, or even just regular checkups with your family physician – it’s no doubt a multi-faceted endeavour.

The most important role of the radiologist is to detect breast cancer at an early stage, before it’s spread to the rest of the body because that can result in a woman dying of breast cancer. Mammograms acquired through population-based breast cancer screening programs produce a significant workload for radiologists.

In this program, we learn more about why it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider about respiratory symptoms which may be caused by uncontrolled or undiagnosed asthma.

The terms heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD are often used interchangeably. But, they actually have very different meanings. In this program, we learn more about the common symptoms of these conditions and how to seek help from community pharmacist.

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